Freeride – Powder-Feeling!

Because more and more skiers, young people in particular, are drawn from the pistes out into open ski country, as of the 2012&13 season we are also offering a freeride group.

Whether on already tracked terrain close to the pistes, or out in the back country. Freeriding is all about playful skiing that exploits any given situation you encounter, either on established ski routes or variant adventures.

Focus of this group:

  • Ride more remote lines and terrain formations
  • Improve ski skills in open terrain
  • Controlled jumps in open terrain
  • Learn about alpine dangers/safety/snow & weather conditions
  • Use of avalanche search & rescue gear
  • Responsible interaction with your natural environment
  • Behaving correctly in alpine terrain with a group
  • Training in moguls and deep-snow technique

Prices Freeride Course

For teenagers from the age of 12 Preis pro EUR
1/2 Tag 40,00
1 Tag 70,00
2 Tage 130,00
3 Tage 180,00
4 Tage 215,00
5 Tage 245,00
6 Tage 265,00
Verlängerungstage 45,00