Our Mascot

HUBSI – the funny ski bunny

HUBSI is the “result” of a creative and committed group working closely with Josef Dagn. In the search for a unique mascot, Josef Dagn came across a rabbit. Josef Dagn did not want to create a fantasy or high-tech figure; he wanted it to be an animal from our region – to establish a relationship with our nature and mountain world.

The drawing and figure originate from the creative pen of Philipp Schnitzhofer – who, after many talks and briefings, has created a funny, cheeky bunny, that skis, plays, dances and laughs. The music and songs are from Christoph Mitterer, a ski instructor from the Ski School Reith, who composes and writes as well. The basic concept of the story goes back to Christian Klenz; Heidrun Dagn and Karin Wagner have extended the story to the Ski School Reith and the conditions of our region. Robert Gintsberger was responsible for the graphic design.

The story was put together by Guiseppe Ginanneschi together with children and speakers from Kitzbuehel and the surrounding area: Luca Lorenzoni, Lara Wagner, Christoph Poell, Pia Lorenzoni, Simona Poell, Helmut Opperer, Karin Wagner, Rebecca Lorenzoni and Sylvia Poell as well as the Head of the Ski School himself, who all worked together at the recording studio.

The concept is rounded off by HUBSI’s children’s club, which has found popularity far beyond the regional borders.

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