Service makes the difference!

Our team has many years of experience in the service sector.

And it isn’t just out-of-towners who come to us.  We also see lots of locals who appreciate our perfect ski and snowboard service.

  • Computerized binding adjustment
  • Ceramic disc finish, ensuring precise edges, fantastic turns and perfect grip on the slopes
  • Perfect hot-wax & polish
  • Specially structured coatings, stone-grinding for all types of snow
  • Poly Jet, making it possible to melt on a new coating perfectly
  • Race service, special coatings, along with adjustment for a perfect edge angle, use of special waxes and waxing irons
  • Skisauna und modernste Servicemaschinen

Preise Skiservice

 Preise Skiservice Kinder / Jugend
Skilänge bis 140 cm
Skilänge ab 141 cm
Heisswachs & Polieren € 4,00 € 5,00
Belag / Kanten schleifen
Heisswachs & Polieren
€ 18,00 € 25,00
Belag ausbessern
Belag / Kanten schleifen
Heisswachs & Polieren
€ 25,00 € 35,00
Spezielle Belagsstrukturen
Einstellung eines perfekten Kantenwinkels
Verwendung von Spezialwachsen und Bügeleisen
€ 30,00 € 40,00
Nach 70 Stunden in der Skisauna ist der Ski
perfekt für die Skisaison vorbereitet
€ 20,00 € 20,00

Ski Service Prices Preis in EUR
Cross Country Ski hot wax and polish 4,00
Cross Country Ski Service 12,00
Snowboard hot wax and polish 7,00
Snowboard Top-Service 30,00
Snowboard Olympic-Service 40,00
Binding assembly 12,00
Binding setting 3,00
Electronic binding check 10,00